Zieus Solutions Solar Panel Photo

On Grid Solar Panel

We manufacture, export and supply comprehensive range of On Grid Solar Panel that are efficient, reliable and safe offering optimal power generation. Businesses, running of houses can reduce carbon emissions and electricity bills by installing on grid solar power systems.

  • Sun shines on the solar panels that then generate DC electricity
  • This DC current is routed into an inverter that converts it to 240 volts AC, the same as your mains supply
  • Any surplus electricity generated by the solar power system not used by appliances is fed back into the mains electricity supply grid
  • Simple, reliable, safe and cost effective
  • 6" POLY CRYSTALLINE [156 x 156mm]
  • Between 100 and 300 WP
  • 6" MONO CRYSTALLINE [156 x 156mm]
  • Between 230 WP and 300WP
  • Glass: Light intensity transfer is 92.68
  • 4mm thick Low iron tempered solar glass

Off Grid Solar Panel

We bring for our clients a well-researched range of Off Grid Solar Panel that finds application in homes, offices commercial sectors, remote housing premises etc. We keep in mind the safety and cost factor in the manufacturing process. Special care is taken to equip the sources and circuits with fuses, breakers or disconnects as when required. Moreover we have kept the system very uncomplicated so that an untrained person can also install the off grid solar panel.