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Servo Stabilizer

Zieus Servo Stablizer leading manufacturer and supplier of Voltage stabilizers are used to protect any critical equipment, which are effected by the fluctuation in the input supply and those equipment’s do not operate when they are not used at the specified voltage. Our Stabilizers by providing constant output with tolerance of +/-1% makes equipment’s operate efficiently and hence improve their life. Also protect from being damaged due to high and low voltage.

  • High efficiency.
  • No Waveform distortion.
  • Speed of correction upto 70 V / sec.
  • Response time - less than 20 msec.
  • Immune to load PF & supply frequency variations.
  • Power loss 2 % max.
  • Duty cycle continuous.
  • Very High reliability.
  • Easy & simple maintance.
  • Operation - Auto Manual.
Single Phase Capacity 1 to 25 KVA
Three Phase (Air Cooled) 3 to 150 KVA
Three Phase (Oil Cooled) 3 to 2000 KVA
Input Voltage Range 170-270 Single phase 295-465 volts three phase
195-270 Single phase 340-465 volts three phase
205-270 single phase 360-465 volts three phase
Special range As per customer requirements
Output voltage 220/230/240 V AC in single phase
380/400/415 V AC in three phase
System Unbalanced/balanced type
Connection Star/Delta or Star/Star
Output Voltage regulation (+/-) 1% from no load to full load
Servo motor drive model -A AC Servo Synchronous Motor - Small
Correction speed 35 V/sec-1 ph, 60 V/sec-3 ph
Response time Above 60 milli. sec.
Servo motor model-B DC servo motor
Correction speed Upto 105 V/sec.
Response time 10 milli.sec.
Operating frequency 47 to 53 HZ
Output waveform True reproduction of input
Insulation Class "B"
Short circuit percentage and period 300 % for 250 milli sec.
Overload capacity 120 % for 1 minute
Effect of load P.F on OP Volts Nil
Waveform distortion Nil
Duty Cycle 100 % continuous
Ambient Upto 45c max above ambient Relative humidity upto 90%
System construction As per IS:9815
Enclosure Powder coated
Efficiency Better than 98% (electrical consumption saved)
Environment Designed for indoor / outdoor tropical use
Mounting On wheels
Earthing Earthing terminals provided