Zieus Solutions Offline Solar PCU Photo

Off-line Solar PCU

Zieus off grid directional solar inverter is the new generation inverter, which has been designed specially for the solar application. Our long standing, Two decade expertise in solar On Grid and Off grid inverter market has resulted in to a smart, more reliable and efficient Zieus Solar Inverter.

  • Multiple 32 bit DSP controllers.
  • Battery less operation.
  • High efficiency.
  • True Bi-directional Solar Inverter.
  • Higher Array voltage capacity optionally available.
  • Inbuilt charge controller.
  • MPPT - Achieved through Incremental Conductance Algorithms.
  • Battery charging through Grid up to 100%.
  • Selectable source feature - Grid / Battery.
  • DC fan for low power consumption.
  • Inbuilt isolation transformer for galvanic isolation.
  • Variable fan speed - for increased reliability, results into lesser dust suction inside the cabinet.