Zieus Solutions Lift-UPS Photo

Lift UPS

Zieus Lift UPS systems are designed to meet demanding requirements of industrial applications. These high capacity power generation systems are capable of running everything including lift/elevators to 3 phase operated critical CNC machines. With precise output voltage, better sine waveform and accurate frequency, it is a reliable alternative option for power generation in industries and domestic apartments.

Based on world’s most advanced digital signal processing technology for higher reliability and low maintenance cost.

Range Available from 6KVA to 50KVA.

  • 3 phase input, 3 phase output with Star/Delta mode.
  • Output pure Sinewave with clear phase angle between two phases.
  • Inbuilt input single phase preventer phase reversal and input low/high cut off.
  • Output overload with auto reset & short circuit protection.
  • Highly economical and cost effective compared to gensets.
Technology IGBT Technology.
UPS Mode Input Volts 380 VAC to 415 VAC (Three phase)
Output Frequency 50 HZ
Change Over Time Between Mains to Inverter Change over time <4Msc,
DC Bus 120 VDC TO 360 VDC
Accurate Output 400 VAC +/- 5%
Output power factor 0.8 lagging to unity
Bypass Manual
Crest Factor 3:1
Inverter efficiency 90 TO 95 %
Generator compatibility UPS system is fully compatible to branded Gensets
LCD Display AC Input Voltage, AC Output Voltage, Charger ON, Battery low, Over Load, Output Frequency